One thought on “Manifesto for Growth Part 1

  1. Sandesh Vijay Aher

    19th April, 2012

    Dear Mr. Erik Nelson,

    Hi, I am Sandesh Aher, a Master’s first student studying Structural Engineering at Stanford University, and today, I read your article in my STRUCTURE April 2012 edition. I felt happy to read your opinion and I want to thank you because as an emerging structural engineer, getting to learn from such experienced practicing engineers at such an early stage of my career, is indeed a thing of fortune.

    There are a lot of points I liked in your article that I would like to mention. Really pursuing to understand things even if the questions sound stupid, being one with the process of design, realizing that it is okay to not have perfect solutions but striving to become better and better with time are all so inspiring. They have been put in beautifully and in a simple language. In particular however, the one that completely surprised me was letting things evolve with time, one step at a time, without thinking of the end result. I liked it. It was something entirely different that I had never heard of before!

    Inspired, I then searched online for your February 2012 edition’s definition of Structural Engineering. ‘Design of BIG things’. How concise and thoughtful. In response to your article, I have a little story to tell you. I come from India, and I did my undergraduate in civil engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur under Prof. Durgesh Rai. He always stressed on me one thing: “We analyze to design”. I won a number of bridge design competitions under his guidance. Not only did I learn to design structures, but also I dedicatedly worked on the understanding of small details that many people neglect. I believe that the enormous effort my team spent in thoughtfully designing all the individual joints and connections for our bridge was the reason of our success. Prof. Rai once also told me, “Sandesh, we do not need to work on revolutionary ideas to contribute big, but, even small contributions in the areas necessary, could serve equally great purposes.” So, I believe designing BIG things is how an observer likes to look at it.

    It was indeed nice to read your ideas and to write to you. And so I want to thank you, and the STRUCTURE magazine once again. Looking forward to more of these articles!

    Sandesh Vijay Aher
    M.S. Structural Engineering
    Stanford University


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