Onley School Steel Connections in North Providence, RI
Beacon Ave 6 Story Steel/Wood Residence in Boston, MA
Ren Cen Tower Steel Infill in Detroit, MI
Long Live Beerworks with HB LLC in Providence RI
Harvard Glass Wall Studies in Cambridge MA
Isle Brewers Guild in Pawtucket, RI
West Haven HS Steel Connections in CT
Ocean State Theater in Warwick, RI
Boston Children’s Hospital Bridge Connections in MA
Garrahy Parking Garage Fabric Structures in Providence RI
MIT Site 5 Precast and Steel Feature Stairs in Cambridge, MA
Providence Public Library in Providence, RI
Whaling Museum in Nantucket, MA

(250+ Total Jobs)



Plymouth Drive Residence in Norwood, MA
Wellfleet House in Wellfleet, MA
Sherborn Citgo Market Gas Station Canopy in Sherborn, MA
Blueprint Medicines Headquarters Stair in Cambridge, MA
Boston College Recreation Center Steel Connections in Boston, MA
399 Congress Street Steel Connections in Boston, MA
Westminster Street Properties in Providence, RI
Rhode Island College Roberts Hall in Providence, RI

(200+ Total Jobs)



Nantucket House in Mattapoisett, MA
Boston Garden Podium Connections in Boston, MA
Thompson Wendell Residence in Needham, MA
EE House in Canterbury, MA
Building Demolition Sequence in Franklin, MA
Commonwealth Landing Condos in Fall River, MA

(200+Total Jobs)



Worcester Blackstone Visitor Center in Worcester, MA
Providence Public Library Renovations in Providence, RI
Foster Residence in Foster, RI
The Greenwich Odeum Theater Renovations in East Greenwich, RI
179 Wayland Avenue in Providence, RI
Isle Brewers Guild in Pawtucket, RI
MIT Theater Arts in Cambridge, MA
East Side Garage for Residence in Providence, RI

(200+ Total Jobs)



Kurgo Offices Container Project in Salisbury, MA
Arcade Renovation in Providence, RI
Cowboys Practice Facility in Frisco, TX
Montauk Residence in Montauk, NY
Old Stone Bank in Providence, RI
FarAndNear Pavilion in Shirley, MA
Passive House in Attleboro, MA
Blackstone Visitor Center in Worcester, MA
Weston Curved Stair in Weston, MA
Walnut Hill Facilities Building in Natick, MA
Nantucket House in Nantucket, MA

(198 Total Jobs)



Residence in South Kingstown, RI
Tiverton Community Housing in Tiverton, RI
Concord Museum in Concord, MA
Andover Medical Building Stair in Andover, MA
Studio 5 at Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, MA
Atlantic Beach House in Atlantic Beach, NY
North Main Street in Providence, RI
Hitchcock Center for the Environment in Amherst, MA
Eliot Street Residential Addition in Jamaica Plain, MA
Sweet + Salty Farm in Little Compton, RI
Palie-Gagnon Residence in Tiverton, RI

(149 Total Jobs)



Cape Cod Residence Curved Stair in Osterville, RI
Riverside Drive Residence in Riverside, RI
West Beach Road Residence in Charlestown, RI
University of Massachusetts, Lowell Atrium Sculpture in Lowell, MA
Parker House in Warren, RI
Braced Frames and Stainless Platforms in Washington, D.C.
Loring Avenue in Providence, RI
Cottage in the Woods in Foster, RI
Meyer Street House in Roslindale, MA

(121 Total Jobs)



Harpoon Brewery in South Boston, MA
Taylor Street Residence in Boston, MA
Addition to House in Narragansett RI
Artists for Humanity Canopy Project in Boston, MA
Spectra Energy Buildings in Dighton, MA and Pascoag, RI
Sycamore Street in Roslindale, MA
Warren House in Warren, RI
New House Design in Taunton, MA

(78 Total Jobs)



Residence in Westport, MA
Brown University Warren Alpert Connections in Providence, RI
Mayflower Cemetery Offices & Crematory in Duxbury, MA
Fox Point House Renovations in Providence, RI
JWU Visitor’s Center steel connections in Providence, RI
Long Island House in Montuck, NY
Duxbury Crematory in Duxbury, MA
Waffle Slab Investigation in Fitchburg, MA
Revit Training for Arup in NY

(60 Total Jobs)



Queens Museum of Art Canopy in New York, NY
The Big Hammock in Boston, MA
The Steel Yard in Providence, RI
Meadowbrook CLT Canopy in West Greenwich, RI
Surfside Drive House in Bridgehampton, NY
Standforville Heavy Timber Barn in Stanfordville, NY

(45 Total Jobs)



NY Mets Scoreboard in NYC
Lincoln Center Connections in NYC
Box Office in Providence, RI
Concord New House in Concord, MA

Started Business in May 2008

(37 Total Jobs)

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