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Erik Anders Nelson


Erik has been working in the engineering and construction industry since 1996 and started Structures Workshop in 2008. He has helped design over 1000 structures ranging in scale from small houses to baseball stadiums and high rises.

Erik is an adjunct professor in the Architecture Department at the Rhode Island School of Design. He has also taught engineering courses at University of Massachusetts and MIT. He reads and writes about the intersections of engineering with philosophy, art and architecture and continues to publish articles in Structure Magazine, Civil Engineering Magazine, and Modern Steel Construction Magazine. Erik is the President of the Structural Engineers Association of Rhode Island (SEARI).

Bio / CV


Ethan P. Tirrell

Project Engineer

Ethan has been professionally active in the construction industry since 2006. He started out as a carpenter in high-end remodeling and renovation until 2010, when he kicked off his structural engineering career here at Structures Workshop. Ever since, Ethan has been an invested, thoughtful, hardworking, and significant contributor to the shape of Structures Workshop. His passion for engineering is rooted in an affinity for problem solving and a love for building. As a structural engineer, Ethan enjoys the collaborative nature of the design world and the active role design teams have in giving life to ideas.

Ethan is especially interested in residential construction, where attention to detail can shape a house into a home. In 2017, Ethan sharpened his skills and his attention to detail by both designing and building a house for himself in Rehoboth, MA, where he currently resides. When he is not building at his house, Ethan spends much of his time working out, playing sports, cutting down trees, hosting family-style dinners, or connecting with people. Ethan lives an active and engaged life, looking to be a “builder” in all that he does.

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Katherine Coumes


Katherine has been fascinated with engineering and design since childhood. Her early interest lead her to complete undergraduate in Civil Engineering and graduate degree in Construction Engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. When not engaged in engineering and design work, Katherine is active in her community. She volunteers at the Providence Public Library and the Boston Children’s Hospital Rooftop Garden. She is a lector at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul and helps tutor immigrants to pass the United States citizen exam through the Diocese of Providence. Katherine also ushers at Trinity Rep and The Gamm Theatre; she recently helped the latter move to their new building. Katherine considers herself a definite geek and loves reading, writing, gaming, crafting, costuming, live theater, and traveling.

Yuran Tavares


Yuran was born in Cape Verde, an archipelago located on the west coast of Africa; he immigrated to this country with his family at the age of fourteen. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He enjoys working at Structures Workshop because it is an innovative firm that cares about design and clients. In addition to engineering, Yuran is very passionate about fitness and health. He enjoys playing soccer and being around his family and friends. Yuran’s ultimate life goal is to give back to his homeland by using his engineering skills to improve building design and infrastructure.

Hamed Abshari


Hamed is originally from Tehron, Iran and graduated from Azad University with a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering. He worked as the head of a technical office for 7 years in Tehran and designed over 50 residential and commercial buildings. He moved to the US and completed a Master of Structural Engineering and the University of Memphis.


Sanaa Nelson

Accounting / Book Keeping / Human Resources

Sanaa is originally from Morocco and has lived in the states for over 20 years. She is running the books here at Structures Workshop, all client accounts, accounts receivable, and helps with human resources.

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