A Recent Day, Smelly Braced Frames

Engineers have to straddle many worlds.  We may find ourselves one day designing steel connections, then meeting on a new job to discuss appropriate structural systems, then doing some BIM modeling.   As we grow into project managers we may find ourselves writing emails and attending meetings possibly more than doing engineering calculations.   We use our judgement more and more to know where to start a problem and what to ignore.   There are no typical days.  I had a day recently where one morning I designed all the braced frame connections on a job and then in the afternoon attended a project review at an architectural college.  The student project consisted of spreading toothpaste on the wall and discussing how smell should be incorporated more into our built world.   That is right, smell - and objects should contain smell.   For some reason at that moment, it made sense.  I thought about what the brace frame connection smelled like that I designed that morning.   Not sure why, but I thought of that premade potato salad with that overly smelly mayo/mustard dressing.

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