Comparison of International Existing Building Code 2012 versus the Rhode Island State Rehabilitation Code

At the request of the Building Code Standards Committee of the RI State Building Code Commission, the Structural Engineers Association of Rhode Island (SEARI) Building Code Subcommittee created this document.  Erik Nelson and Ethan Tirrel of Structures Workshop created this document with the help of David Odeh and other members of SEARI's Building Code Committee.  It compares and contrasts the basic structural provisions of the current Rhode Island State Rehabilitation Code 2002 (“RI SRC-1”) with the 2012 Edition of the International Existing Building Code (“IEBC 2012”).  The IEBC 2012 code will be replacing the SRC-1 code in 2013. Comparison of RI Rehab Code SRC 2002 vs IEBC 2012 Final

The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the two codes and major changes to building structural design provisions that would occur if Rhode Island chooses to adopt the IEBC 2012 to replace the Rehab Code.

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