29: Stand instead of Sit

Add a standing desk to the office (or ask for one!).   Engineers typically spend 80%-90% of their time in an office sitting in front of a computer.  Not much we can do about this, but adding a standing desk to the office as an optional work location can help mix things up...where you can go and work while standing and stretching. 2013-10-26 11.17.25

We added this work station with a desk with adjustable height   We also have the option of leaning back on this FOCAL bike seat we bought - which is between sitting and standing (like the comfortable kitchen counter at home).   As an aside, this should be obvious by now in 2013, but all engineering work stations should have 2 monitors each a min 23 inches (24/27 preferable) so you can work on BIM on one side, calcs on the other.


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