8: Kick Ass

Design is an incredible process (again, from step 7 we learned it is not an end).   It is good for you to make the process of design your own. Drive the process and in so doing you will grow and become a better engineer.   Cooperate, listen, be humble, but don't let that prevent you from kicking ass.

You need love of learning, pursuit of excellence (not the goal of excellence - pursue excellence by being excellent in the present), you need process, you need means.   Ends are useless to process.  If you focus on the present and work to maximize your well being, others' well being, the building's well being -  now - what results is the achievement of any goal.  Take action now.  Act as though everything you do will become universal law.  Your pursuit of well being will help others, which will in turn come back to yourself and everyone benefits.  Do not picture yourself as a great engineer, a rich engineer, or a famous engineer.   Do great engineering now and you will be great (not in the famous type of great, the un-famous type of great which is more worthy of the word).

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