Jinhua Pavilion #16 wins AIA Citation LA 2007

JINHUA BOOK PAVILION ARCH:  Michael Maltzen Architects  (Tim Williams / Project Manager)

ENG:   Guy Nordenson and Associates (Erik A Nelson / Project Engineer)

LOC:    Jinhua, Rep of CHINA

DESCRIPTION  http://www.structuresworkshop.com/07000jinhua.html

This structure is part of an architecture park In Jinhua, China by an artist Ai Wei Wei featuring pavilions designed by 16 architects from around the world. Michael Maltzen's Pavilion No. 15 is a cantilevered tapered structure with high strength tie rods and plate moment frames.  Photo below left from Iwan Bann.

BOOK - "SUPPORT AND RESIST" by Nina Rappaport

"Together Maltzan, Nordenson and project engineer Erik Nelson rethought the skin, designed instead a double layer of slotted perforated metal panels with larger rectangular openings.  The structural steel is

visible between the planes of wall."  Maltzen says "As opposed to architecture leading decisions about the structure, it inverted halfway through the process and the structure led the development of the project."

2007 AIA - Los Angeles Award

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