Recommended Reading on Engineering and Philosophy

Addis, William.  “The Evolution of Structural Engineering Design Principles”  Addis, William. “Free Will and Determinism in the Conception of Structures” (1997)         Bulleit, William “Uncertainty in Structural Engineering”  (2008)        Goldman, Steven “The Social Captivity of Engineering”  (1991) Goldman, Steven “Why We Need a Philosophy of Engineering” (2004)      Goodman, Richard "Karl Terzaghi: The Engineer As Artist"    Ferguson, Eugene.  "Engineering and the Mind’s Eye" (1993) Florman, Samuel.  The Existential Pleasures of Engineering (1976) Hartoonian, Gevork  "Ontology of Construction" (1994) Petroski, H., "To Engineer is Human" (1992) Rice, Peter  "An Engineer Imagines" Torroja, Eduado “The Philosophy of Structures” Vick, Steven.   "Degrees of Belief"  (2002)

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