14: Get into the Details

Become super technical (root pass tolerances of CJP bevel welds or stirrup spacings for example) because actively understanding our codes and science is essential.   It is also unlimited.  Yes it is knowledge, but knowledge is an inevitable result of doing engineering (knowledge is mainly the experience portion of our know-how).  

I have found that E-Readers are great for getting into the details of codes.    We cannot possibly know all that is in the endless codes we need to use.   So, you can add them all in PDF on your E-Reader (Kindle, Nook, etc) and read in bed.    If you have trouble sleeping, there is nothing better!   Also, you wake up with new knowledge (experience).

Memorization is less important since engineering is not knowledge based, it is know-how based (See "What is Engieering exactly?").   Knowledge like "A490N bolts cannot be galvanized" is important but this knowledge simple comes through experience, through process, through work.   The know-how of where to look for knowledge is more important than knowledge or facts themselves.   The other way to gain knowledge is through ignorance and knowing when you need help.   With understanding of your own ignorance, comes desire to learn.  That is really all you need.

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