The American Engineer

Billy Vaughn Coen  states in "The Engineering Method" by (1984) that

Numerous studies show that the American Engineer is less well read, a better family member, more conservative politically, more oriented to the use of numbers than to general philosophical positions in making a decision, and goal oriented. [Coen, 1984]

My manifesto contained within this blog is partly a rebuke to this (except for the family part).  It doesn't challange the perception of who we are, but who we are.   Presumptuous?   Yes, of course, after all I did write a manifesto.   When writing it, I realize some things will come off as too simplistic and can be misleading.  It is meant to be read as a coherent whole, not piecemeal.   If I have offended anyone, I meant to, but not in the negative way.   I hope I have positively offended you!  Now please write back and offend me too at    My intent is not to provoke, but to seek truth, to be clear, to translate what I do as an engineer (when designing buildings), as an educator (of architects and engineers, one class a semester), and  as a citizen and human being (my whole life).   It shouldn't be provocative.   In 20 years, this is all going to sound pretty straightforward and bland (this is not a goal, just a natural progression towards truth).   Also, most these ideas are not mine, I steal them.   Sometimes I don't always know where I steal them or from whom.   I am sorry about that.   I couldn't figure out where I got the idea that goals are unhealthy.   That came from within - I am really excited about that one.   The ideas about the design process were easy -  I just looked at my sent items email folder for one day.  I have read many  of these ideas before but they are scattered and not coherent.   That was why I decided to lay it all out.   It is a draft, and my manifesto will always be a work in progress… towards quality- just like engineering.

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