The Design of Design!

Gordon Glegg's wonderful little book The Design of Design (1969) starts off with a bang.   The brilliant mechanical engineer and author begins his book with:

An engineer has almost limitless possibilities. He can, and frequently does, create dozens of original designs and has the satisfaction of seeing them become working realities. He is a creative artist in a sense never known by the pure scientist. An engineer can make something. He creates by arranging in patterns the discoveries of science past and present, patterns designed to fit the evermore intricate world of industry. His material is profuse, his problems fascinating, and everything hinges on his personal ability. His successes and failures become incarnate in metal. They grow up and confront him, sometimes with surprising results. A scientist can discover a new star but he cannot make one. He would have to ask an engineer to do it for him. [Glegg, 1969:1]

Well done Gordon!   Let's make a poster out of this.  If we added this to our classroom doors or our workplace walls, we replace the tired notion that science is the most rewarding profession.   Our high school students might embrace the engineering profession.    Our college students might stay in the engineering major (the reality is 50% drop out).   Our offices would surely benefit as well.   Hmm, I better add this poster idea to my manifesto.

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