Erik presents "El Linked Hybrid y mi Manifiesto para el Crecimiento" in Mexico



"Manifiesto para el Crecimiento" means “My Manifesto for Growth”.  What this Manifesto means is really about how we as an engineering community (students, educators, and engineers) can grow as individuals and lead the profession into the future.  How can we improve ourselves and therefore our profession.   In so doing, we will improve our built world, and we will do this sustainably and honestly.  

Here are some highlights of the 19 Ways to Grow...

6: Embrace Imperfection. If there is not a perfect solution, it follows that all solutions are not perfect. That means that there is always a better solution than the one you just submitted for construction.

7:  Forget about Goals. We don’t know the end product, the final construction is unknown. So it is pretty reasonable to suggest that the goal of achieving this or that building is useless. How could something unknown obligate us?

8:  Kick Ass.  Cooperate, listen, be humble, but don’t let that prevent you from kicking ass.

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