Recommended Reading on Engineering and Architecture

Billington, D.P.. "Robert Maillart's Bridges; The Art of Engineering" (1979)Collins, Peter.  "Concrete:  The Vision of New Architecture, A study of August Perret and his Precursors" (1958) Cross, Hardy.  "Engineers and Ivory Towers" (1952) Galileo, "Dialog Concerning Two New Sciences" Gorden, J.E.  "The New Science of Strong Materials" (1976)   Kahn, Louis "Conversation with Students" Nervi, Pier Luigi.  "Structures" (1956) Palladio, "The Four Books of Architecture" Thompson, D’Arcy Wentworth.  "On Growth and Form" (1917) Viollet-le-Duc, Eugene-Emmanuel.  Lectures on Architecture in Two Volumes (1872) (1987) Vitruvius, The Ten Books on Architecture Billington, D.P., The Tower and the Bridge" (1983) Fuller, Bucky "Critical Path" King, Ross.  "Brunelleschi's Dome" Macaulay David. "Mill" McCullough, David. "The Great Bridge" Rand, Ayn.   "The Fountainhead" Rasenberger, Jim.  "High Steel"

Petroski, Henry. "Remaking the World"

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